Monday, May 28

Welcome to My World

Hey y'all! I'm the chef behind Matilda Makes. I'm really just a simple girl from Georgia who likes movies, cooking, photography, and baking. 

Most days you'll recognize me as Bri. I'm never the same person from one day to another. I'm about as different as they come. Oh, and everything about me is a mess: from my thoughts, to my actions and even my hair on most days. I cook, I bake, I write, I color, I paint, I take photographs; I pretty much just capture life in any type of art form I see fit.

I'm an advertising major minoring in photography. I live with my puppy, Wilfred, in the luxury of the south where sweet tea is the drink of choice, country music is always on the radio, and manners haven't yet become a thing of the past. But essentially, I'm just a broke college girl that loves to cook on a budget.

So stick around. Come along with me on my journey of movies, food, family and love and I promise to make it worth your while. You might like what you read. But don't criticize my mess unless you plan to become a part of it.   

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