Friday, February 7

Conquering Stone Mountain.

Good morning and happy Friday lovers! I don't know about where you're at, but down south the weather's been uncharacteristically freezing. We even got a few inches of snow last week which is completely unheard of in Atlanta. That's why when the weather's warm even for just a day I take full advantage of it. The one warm day we got I used to push my best friend to do something he had never done before: climb Stone Mountain.

One of the downsides to being best friends with a photography student is that every outing is cause for a photo op, and you're always the subject whether you're ready or not. My best friend Joseph is kind of shy and not really a people person (see the shirt) so getting him to agree to this was monumental! But he's not aware that he's on the blog (yet). Check out this week's Photo Friday pics.

Little puddle we found on the way up which I appropriately called 'Crater Lake'.
Getting tired. We had to stop for a break about halfway up.
"Started from the bottom now we here."
Enjoying a well-earned cigarette.

Nap time at the top of the mountain.
My view form the top.
Okay, so I may have snapped a selfie or two.
Seeing is believing.  Observe. Read between the lines, but don't swallow everything.
We cheated and took the sky lift back down.
We did it. We conquered Stone Mountain. What will you conquer this weekend? Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

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