Monday, June 11


Happy Monday guys and dolls! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

It's summertime break for a lot of folks, and to kick things off this week I thought I'd choose a funny, lighthearted Monday movie. The prince of funny and awkward teen comedies, Justin Long, stars in Accepted, a movie about an slacker who decides to start his own college when he gets rejected by all the ones he applied to.

Bartleby Gaines (Long) along with his his friends Schrader, Glen, Holloway, Rory, and the forever funny Lewis Black as Dean Lewis decide to convert an old psychiatric hospital into the South Harmon Institute of Technology for students who got rejected by other schools. At this college the students teach the classes, the dean lives in a trailer in the back, and pretty much anything goes!

Accepted is a hysterical movie that any college bound student or just anybody trying to discover themselves should watch. Justin Long is oddly inspiring as the college's co-founder, and Jonah Hill is simply hilarious as Bartleby's best friend Schrader. Check out the trailer for Accepted below:

Accepted is now on blu-ray and DVD.

Thanks to Imp Awards for the movie poster and St. James for the wine.

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