Saturday, June 2

Wonderful Weekend

Saturdays and Sundays roll around and I'm normally left up to my own devices. No school, no homework, no one to answer to it's GREAT. That is until I get bored. One of my absolute favorite blogs cafĂ© fashionista used to feature a series called 'Why Don't You. . .?' so I decided to pick up where she left off.  Once a month I'll post some fabulous idea that are tons of fun and also allow you to give back a little. So why don't you...?

Yard sales and flea markets are the perfect place to find undiscovered treasures super cheap, and with websites like American Fleas locating one in your area is easier than ever. Go out and start digging for your perfect find. 

A nature hike with friends is the perfect chance to get away for a little while. You could make it a little more fun and pack a picnic while you soak in the trees, plants and gorgeous weather together.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful day with your four-legged friend. I know Wilfred loves the outdoors just at much as I do. I love taking him to the park to play in the lake and chase after the ducks. You'll love spending the day at the dog park, and maybe you and your pup can make some new friends.
Wilfred at the Park
He's got his eye on those ducks. . .
. . .Meanwhile the ducks are just chilling.
There are always local youth organizations that could use some extra help. Volunteering not only makes a difference in your life, but makes a major one in there's as well. Find Youth Info lets you find youth organizations that cover an array of topics. Grab a friend and y'all can make a difference for some amazing kids!

I hope I've inspired you all with some fun weekend ideas. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

The animal photos are beyond adorable.

I absolutely love flea markets/yard sales. Such a great (cheap) way to spend a weekend. I have found some of my favorite pieces of furniture at these places - makes for some fun crafting! :)

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