Thursday, December 13

Candy Cane Mice

You're probably not aware, but Martha Stewart is one of my absolute favorite people ever! The woman can do anything and everything. She wears many hats: chef, interior designer, wedding planner, and have you seen the woman's collection for pets at PetSmart? She's an absolute genius.

So when I found this candy cane mice craft on her website, I knew I just had to try it out. It's super simple and only requires a few things to make. You can even make one for every member of your family!

a few sheets of felt fabric
pen or sharpie
candy canes

1. On a photocopier enlarge mouse template by 150%. Print.
2. With a pen or sharpie trace body and ears onto felt; cut out.
3. Cut inner ears and a dot for a nose from felt in a contrasting color. You can also cut eyes from black felt. I  didn't have black felt, so I just used Sharpie.
4. Glue the face and inner ears in place. 
5. Make slits in body for ears and candy-cane tail where marked; to make cutting easier, fold felt across center of slits, and snip.
6. Slip ears through slits at front; then slide wrapped candy cane through body slits, tucking the end underneath the ear piece at the back.

Wilfred's is the blue one (because he's blue), and mine is the cute little pink one with the backwards ears.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Shut the front door... I have one of these that I made when I was in elementary school!

Anonymous said...

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