Monday, December 31

Moulin Rouge!

Happy Monday! May your day be as swift and merciful as an execution. Haha. Just kidding. However, today is New Year's Eve so I'm sure you'll want the day to pass with some haste so you can get to your New Year's Eve plans.

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I was in the mood to end the year with a bang, so I went for an extremely over the top movie that everyone loves! Moulin Rouge! is a musical unlike anything you've ever seen. The year is 1899, and young Christian, a poet, (played perfectly by the gorgeous Ewan McGregor) has left his humdrum life to move to Paris and become a part of the Bohemian revolution. He crosses paths with an eccentric gang of artists putting on a show. Christian quickly becomes swept up in the world of sex, drugs, and love when he decides to write the show and falls for the city's most beautiful courtesan in the process. 

He's not the only one enamored with the beautiful courtesan Satine. What started out as an innocent theater production has turned into a dangerous search for truth, beauty, freedom, and love when a wealthy duke agrees to invest in the production in exchange for Satine. Check out the trailer for Moulin Rouge! below: 

Everything about this movie is above and beyond: the acting, the costumes and set designs, and especially the chemistry. Featuring hits from some of the biggest names in music of the 20th century, the soundtrack alone is reason enough to give this movie a watch. Moulin Rouge! is sure to reinvent your perception of the typical love story. With performances from an A-list cast including Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo, Jim Broadbent, and Richard Roxburgh this movie will be sure to remind you that of all things, the most important is love.

Moulin Rouge! is now available on blu-ray and DVD.

Movie trailer courtesy of YouTube.

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