Saturday, April 13

Wonderful Weekend v.4.2

Grab your  Rachael Ray enamel cookware set, gather your friends and host a potluck. You can each pick a different culinary style and expand your horizons!

Locate your nearest animal shelter and volunteer! Slip into your charming little Vince Cable Crop sweater and spend the day with amazing animals. The cute little cats and dogs will immediately adore you. What's a better pick me up than that?

Candid Coco
How could you resist a face as cute as this?

Share your passion for reading by forming a book club that explores stories about friendship about the ages. A great novel to start out with is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Keep it low-stress by asking a local bookstore or coffee house if you can meet there.

Blast some Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, Vanilla Ice and other 90s music and jump up and down on the bed, singing into your hairbrush as if no one were watching. Do the macarena. You'll get a good workout without even realizing it.

Slip on your Merona ® Blue Wool Beret and spend the weekend with nothing but a canvas and paint. Oh, how easy it is to unleash your fantastic French artiste when something so simple as a hat is placed upon your head. Then when the weekend is over reveal your creations to the world. As the award-winning novelist Jane Porter once stated:
"Happiness is not perfected unless it is shared."
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. What are your plans?

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